La Reine

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La Reine [la ʀɛn] f - Let me take you down.

Don't worry, no one will mess around with me here. It's up to me what happens with you and what doesn't. And be careful, I've heard about some strange things going on...

Come closer to me, puppy - just for the few minutes before you have to play everybody's bitch.

I grasp around your throat with my hand to feel you swallowing my pee.

.....that's a fun thing taking your virginity!

You need it quite hard. You feel the toecap of my high-heels on your pussycock.
Must be pretty painful.

But how do you say: Beauty knows no pain.

You are welcome! Enjoy the next hours in prison.

Oh sweet memory of all the mermaid's tits escorting you to the lovely sound in the beginning.
So much pain now....

And let me give you the advice to get used to it sooner rather than later.

Don't worry, i'll be careful... for the moment.

Get down on your knees!

Face down the floor.

Don't even dream of a chance to escape!
The spider fixes you on the ground.

What did you expect? You're still in the hands of a witch.

Are you craving my belt?

How about dinner with wild animals?

Hey, can´t you talk?

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